Empowering people and communities to address their own health care needs...

The Health Reform Coalition (HRC) is a public benefit-focused non-profit organization whose primary goal is to make a positive impact on the health of our nation's residents and the health and social workers who serve their needs. Community engagement is an essential component of health reform success at the local level. We believe that healthcare is a basic human right that should be protected and nurtured.

Our purpose is to establish strong and cohesive partnerships between patients, caregivers, providers and expanded care teams. Our goal is to promote and reinforce effective interventions across the community, and to provide tools and information services that motivate residents and community organizations to play a more active, productive and responsible role in managing their health.

We believe addressing social determinants of health is an integral component of improving health. So we engage communities and individuals where they live, work and play - not only to provide tools and resource information but to also solicit input, feedback and participation from local health and social service providers and the communities they serve.

Our Goals...

  • Demonstrate that it is possible to achieve the goals of the National Health Reform Act in a timely, fiscally-responsible and compassionate manner.

  • Assist front-line public health and community-based organizations in achieving their goals of improving health, saving time and cutting costs of healthcare delivery.

  • Maximize the quality, impact and reach of effective health interventions and healthcare dollars spent, without legislation or increasing the federal deficit.

  • Provide convenient access to safe, affordable, FDA-approved treatment and diagnostic options for patients struggling with cancer and chronic diseases.

Instead of focusing on the problems facing America's health care system, our coalition devotes its time to innovative solutions that serve the best interests of humanity. We begin each project by asking different and better questions; identifying a path to better outcomes; creating a plan with well defined outcomes; and then leading by example. In this way, we serve the best interest of society and serve the greater good.

We hope you will join us.